Children’s Books Worth Owning

Children’s Books Worth Owning

I’m a huge proponent for using the library and we always have a very long list of books checked out at a time. But there are some children’s books that are better owned. Obviously whichever picture books are all-time favorites in your house and that get read over and over again are worth owning. My Instagram account is full of picture book recommendations that might be your child’s next favorite, but for today’s post I gathered up a list of books that are worth owning–either because they are not readily available at a library or because they are very hands on and interactive and get used over and over again.

Alphabet Street by Jonathan Emmett and Ingela Arrhenius: This new fold out book has already received *hours* of play in the hands of my three year old as well as the kids in my preschool. The entire book folds out and each section has flaps. My daughter loves to sit in the middle with it spread out all around her as she plays with her toys inside it.

Grow, Baby, Grow! by Mertixell Marti and Xavier Salomo: The life size pop-ups in this book are amazing, but probably wouldn’t survive wide library circulation! If you’re expecting a new baby or have children who want to learn about how they grew in their mother’s tummy I highly recommend this beautiful book!

Seek and Find Classics: I’ve mentioned this series on my instagram many times, because my daughter is completely in love with them! I thought after a while she’d grow tired of them, but we’ve had them for a year and she still reads them all the time. Wonderful illustrations that I love poring over and perfect for her level. I have had many people buy these books on my recommendation that have loved them as well!

Walk This World lift the flap books from Big Picture Press: My kids love a good lift the flap book and will read them over and over again!  This series is really great with its wide format, hidden flaps to lift, and educational information included.  We like the newer books in the series the best (Walk this Underground World and Walk This Wild World because the flaps are a bit easier to lift and the books felt more sturdy overall.

Cook in a Book series by Lotta Nieminen: These books are a huge hit with my kids–and many other kids! The board books are highly creative and interactive with things to touch and move on each page as you ‘cook’ inside the book by following the recipe. They appeal to a pretty wide range of ages! My son says the Tacos one is his favorite, but we love all four!

Lit for Little Hands series by Brooke Jorden: Your favorite classics can come alive for your kids with these interactive board books with pieces to slide, open, and maneuver. There are several books already out in the series and A Christmas Carol was the newest addition!

This is How I Do It Activity Bookby Matt Lamothe As a follow up to the popular This is How We Do It book that provided insight into children’s lives around the world, this activity book lets children tell their own story through interactive elements while they also learn about other children around the world. My son loved the original book and so I was excited when this one released and gave him a chance to write about his own story. There are also postcards and a fold out map!

Paper World: Planet Earth illustrated by Bomboland: This educational book is beautifully designed with paper cut-outs and flaps to lift. There is plenty of information to pore over and it is presented in such an attractive, engaging way. Best for about 6 years old and older.

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