Blog Tour: Daises and Devotion by Josi Kilpack

Blog Tour: Daises and Devotion by Josi Kilpack

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Book Details:

Daises and Devotion by Josi Kilpack

Book 2 in the Mayfield Family Series

Release date: May 14, 2019

Publisher: Shadow Mountain


Timothy Mayfield is ready to marry for love, but since his personal finances are thinner than he d like, he knows he ll also need a wife with wealth. After receiving an unexpected inheritance, Timothy s circumstances change, and he is free to pursue his perfect woman one with blonde hair, blue eyes, a light laugh, arched eyebrows, elegant fingers, and a dazzling smile, among nearly twenty other characteristics.

Maryann Morrington doesn’t match anything on Timothy s list except for wealth. An heiress in her own right, she is tired of men pursuing her only for her money. But at nearly twenty-two years old, and not a particularly stunning beauty, she can t be as picky as her friend Timothy is.

The two friends end up playing matchmaker for each other. Timothy will find a decent gentleman for Maryann, and Maryann will prove to Timothy that his perfect woman doesn t exist.

Until Miss Shaw comes to London.

Now, with Timothy s heart captivated by the blonde, blue-eyed beauty, Maryann must decide if she should risk her heart and reveal her true feelings for her friend, or if she should settle for someone else. It s an up-and-down game of he loves me, he loves me not, with both hearts and friendships on the line.


This is the second book in the Mayfield Family Saga and there are connections and overlap of some characters, but it could definitely be read on its own as well.

I liked this one even better than the first book (Promises and Primroses)! I really enjoyed reading about the development of Maryann and Timothy’s individual character arcs as well as seeing their relationship come to fruition. I really appreciated the increased depth they had through a strong friendship and honest, sincere interactions. It was also refreshing to read a love story where the main characters had clear faults and weaknesses that they worked through without the need for overly contrived plot points.

This was a sweet and satisfying love story!

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