Book List for Anne of Green Gables Fans

Book List for Anne of Green Gables Fans

Note: This post has been updated a couple times since the original posting to include new releases. 

2018 has been a great year for Anne of Green Gables fans!  There have been so many wonderful Anne and L.M. Montgomery related books released this year that are perfect for introducing the next generation to beloved characters or to build up your home collection if you’re a collector.  I compiled a list of those books released this year, plus a couple from last year, so you can make sure you don’t miss any of the options for the Anne lovers in your life!

Disclaimer:  Some of these books were ones I received free copies of from publishers to review, but all opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission if you purchase a book through the links (at no additional cost to you).



Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy

Along with many other fans, I was excited but nervous about this new ‘prequel’ novel that tells Marilla’s story.  But I ended up loving it!  I’ve been hearing great reviews from other Anne fans as well!  Read my full review and my interview with the author.



Goodnight, Anne and sequels by Kallie George

One of my favorite releases this year!  I love the beautiful illustrations that pair with the whimsical text.  Read my full review of the book.  Follow up books called If I Couldn’t Be Anne and Merry Christmas Anne released in the last couple years.



Anne’s Colors and Anne’s Numbers by Kelly Hill

These colorful board books are a fun way to teach young children basic concepts while also providing some nods to Anne.  The illustrations are unique and engaging with their hand embroidered designs.  It would have been extra neat if you could actually feel the fabrics, but it is still an innovative and fun idea.  Additional books Anne’s Feelings and Anne’s Alphabet were released May 2019.


Anne Arrives by Kallie George (and sequels)

This illustrated early chapter book adaption is perfect for introducing young readers to the story.  Read my full review here.  It is the start of a new series and the sequel Anne’s Kindred Spirits released May 2019 and book 3 Anne’s School Days released July 2021.


Lit for Little Hands: Anne of Green Gables

Kids can open flaps, move pieces, and more other interactive elements in this bright and engaging board book.



House of Dreams: the Life of L.M. Montgomery by Liz Rosenberg

This was the first full biography I’ve read on Montgomery and I found it fascinating.  It is heartbreaking in a lot of parts, but so interesting to hear more about her life and inspirations.  This one is marketed to Middle Grade, but I think it’s probably best for a bit older.  Read my full review here.



Anne of Green Gables Graphic Novel by Mariah Marsden

Through a graphic novel format young readers can experience the story in an enjoyable and attainable way.



Anne of Green Gables BabyLit primer and BabyLit storybook

These two board books are fun ways to experience the story with the youngest readers.  The first is a primer with illustrations and names of different places.  The second is a simplified version of the story told in board book format.



Little People, Big Dreams: L.M. Montgomery by Isabel Sanchez Vegara

This picture book biography tells the story of Montgomery’s growing up and subsequent career in a simple, child friendly format.



Maud by Melanie Fishbane

This YA novel tells the fictionalized, but heavily researched, story of L.M. Montgomery’s teen years.  I hadn’t read a biography of the author prior to reading this novel and I loved seeing pieces of the inspiration for the Anne story pop up.  There were a lot of characters to keep track at times that was confusing.


Illustrated unabridged edition of Anne of Green of Gables

This is my top recommendation for an edition to read aloud the full text since there are beautiful colored illustrations throughout.


Also check out the small shops I shared on my Gift Ideas for Book Lovers post because many of them sell Anne related products!

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