Halloween Picture Books

Halloween Picture Books

Happy first day of October!  Halloween will be on our mind all month and one of our favorite ways to celebrate is by reading cute Halloween books!  There are so many great ones out there and below is a list of our favorites.


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Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas

This is one of our favorite Halloween books!  It’s short and simple, but a lot of fun!  I’ve heard many kids laugh over this story!



Turkey Trick or Treat by Wendi Silvano

This is a follow up to Turkey Trouble (which we love) along with Turkey Claus, but you don’t have to read those other books to understand this one.  It’s a really fun, creative take on Halloween that my kids thoroughly enjoy.



Eek!  Hallowen! by Sandra Boynton

A fun, silly board book about a group of chickens who see many signs of Halloween and are trying to figure out what’s going on.



Little Boo by Stephen Wunderli

A great story of patience, this book shows a pumpkin seed who longs to be a Jack-o-Lantern and all the stages of growth he goes through.



Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson

With a rhythmic text and a loveable skeleton who just wants to dance, this book is so much fun!




Five Little Pumpkins

This short little poem is a classic and these are the two versions we’ve enjoyed.  Dan Yaccarino also released a sequel this year called Five Little Pumpkins Came Back!




Stumpkin by Lucy Ruth Cummins

My kids have been really enjoying this sweet new release about a stemless pumpkin who longs to be chosen for a Jack-o-Lantern.



Little Blue Truck’s Hallween by Alice Schertle

We love Little Blue Truck and this lift the flap book is a lot of fun as kids have to guess who is hiding in each of the costumes.



The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano

A square shaped pumpkin is sad about looking different than everyone else, until he is the only one who can save the day! I’ve used this in several preschool lessons.



Halloween Sky Ride by Elizabeth Spurr

A cute story about a witch heading to a party and all the Halloween creatures along the way who want to join her.  It reminded me a little of the popular Room on the Broom book below!




Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

My kids really enjoy this popular book.  They love the short movie adaption of it as well!



Five Little Monkeys Trick or Treat by Eileen Christelow

My kids love these monkeys and this was a fun Halloween version of their story



Sir Simon by Cale Atkinson

This new release isn’t specific to Halloween, but it features a very loveable ghost and is such a cute and fun read!  Read my full review.



I’m the Scariest Thing in The Castle by Kevin Sherry

My kids love the book I’m the Biggest Thing in The Ocean by the same author so they were delighted to find this Halloween board book in a similar style!  It’s a quick, entertaining story.



The Witch Has an Itch by Donna Guthrie

This was a childhood favorite of mine and I had it memorized!  It is a rhyming story of a witch who keeps itching whenever she tries to use her magic.




Frankie Stein by Lola Schaefer

In this sweet story a cute little boy is born to scary parents and they try everything to make him scary like them.



Zombie in Love and Zombie in Love 2 + 1 by Kelly DiPucchio

These books could be great for Halloween or Valentine’s Day (or any other time of year!).  It is a funny and cute story of a zombie in search of love.


New books added in 2019!


Pick a Pumpkin by Patricia Toht

It has a smooth, rhythmic text and all the fall time feels with the wonderful illustrations.


Where’s the Witch? by Ingela Arrhenius

I love how suited to babies and toddlers this one is with felt flaps for little hands to grab and a mirror to look at.  It’s great to have a book the youngest member of our family can enjoy!

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  1. Lots of great picture books! There are some here I hadn’t heard of, so thanks for sharing. ☺️

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I’ve been surprised at how many options for Halloween books there are because I’ve found lots of new ideas on other people’s lists as well.

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