Review: Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures by Joy Keller


Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures by Joy Keller

Release date:  September 4, 2018

Illustrated by:  Richard Watson

Published by:  The Innovation Press



Dragons, Chimeras, and Hydras, oh my!

Come explore Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures, the most exotic pet store you’ve ever seen! Miss Turie guarantees to “have the pet that’s right for you,” but can she find a match for her toughest customer yet?

Told in an upbeat, fast-paced rhyme, children will laugh as they learn about mythical creatures and contemplate what they might be like as a household pet. Following the story is a catalog of each featured creature with a more detailed history.



Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book  from the publisher to review.  This post may contain affiliate links. I get a small commission if you purchase an item from an affiliate.





I read this aloud to my 5 year old son and he loved it!  He said he would rate it 6 out of 5 stars (even after I explained multiple times that 5 was the highest it could be) and he asked me why it didn’t have a badge on the cover (an award medal).

The upbeat rhythm made it a really fun read aloud.  The plot is silly and entertaining with bright, engaging illustrations to match.  My son has had exposure to more mythical creatures recently so he loved pointing them all out and then learning more about each creature from the historical information included in the back of the book.



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