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In honor of the World Cup going on right now, I gathered up a list of our favorite picture books that feature soccer!  I played soccer competitively from the time I was a child through college and truly love the sport- so reading these books made me very nostalgic!


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Winners Never Quit by Mia Hamm

Based on Mia Hamm’s experiences as a child, the book has an important message of having good sportsmanship, playing as a team, accepting when you lose, and never giving up



Goal! by Mina Javaherbin

Set in South Africa this one shows a passion for soccer and the escape it can be from troubles.  It was a reminder to me of how lucky I am to just own a soccer ball and be able to play wherever I want without fear of safety.



The Field by Baptiste Paul

This one shows the universal love and passion of soccer.  It conveys the deep love of the game and includes several Creole words spread throughout.




For the Love of Soccer! by Pele

Because it is a short, simple book it would be easy for young kids to enjoy as well.  I liked how it connected Pele and a child admiring him through the illustrations.




Pele King of Soccer by Monica Brown

With unique and vivid illustrations it shows Pele’s background and growing up years.  It is a bilingual book with Spanish and English words on each page



Froggy Plays Soccer by Jonathan London

Featuring the lovable character of Froggy, this story has a familiar feel for any kids who are starting out with soccer and still trying to remember how things work.



The two below are recently released/soon to be released books that I haven’t read yet, but they are part of series that I have read and loved:



Goodnight Soccer by Michael Dahl

We’ve enjoyed all the Sports Illustrated Kids Bedtime Books and this one just came out!  The perfect bedtime story for a soccer lover!



Kick It, Mo! by David Adler

Coming September 2018, I’m excited to read this addition to the series about the lovable Mo Jackson!



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