Review: Max and the Superheroes by Rocia Bonilla


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Book Details:

Max and the Superheroes written by Rocio Bonilla and illustrated by Oriol Malet


From the publisher:

Release date: October 2, 2018

Age Range: 4-8 years

Publisher: Charlesbridge

Pages: 48


Max and his friends are crazy about playing and learning about superheroes and their superpowers. Everyone has a favorite, and Max’s is Megapower, even though his friends aren’t sure that a girl superhero can be that strong. Megapower is cool for so many reasons. She’s brave, tames animals, has x-ray vision, is super smart, and she can fly. She also happens to be Max’s mom (which might be why she’s Max’s favorite!). Max is an intrepid, sassy, and funny narrator in a book that uses both traditional picture-book layouts and comic-book-like panels.



As a mother of a superhero lover the subject matter of the book was instantly interesting, but the twist part way through is what really made this story special.  I love how the book describes a mighty superhero with so many incredible powers and then you slowly start to realize that she is actually the boy’s mom and that she uses her incredible ‘powers’ in the everyday heroic things she does for him.

It has great messages of a mother son connection, female empowerment, and the impact of everyday things.  The story is perfectly complemented by fun illustrations that switch between traditional style and comic book style.  This picture book is a great addition to all the superhero stories while bringing a fresh new angle.  Keep an eye for it this fall or pre-order it now!



Here is a peek inside some of the pages:




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