Spring Learning Activity Using Easter Eggs

Spring Learning Activity Using Easter Eggs


This is my favorite activity to use for Spring or egg lessons and it’s always a hit with the kids.  I first created it when I did an E is for Egg lesson with my oldest child and have since found ways to incorporate it into any other lessons or activities that I can.

First we read a book about animals being born from eggs and then the kids go on a hunt to find plastic Easter eggs filled with various toy animals that are born from eggs. It’s simple and super fun while also being informative!




“Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg” by Mia Posada is the main book we use for this activity because it’s full of great information and done in a fun way. There are clues for kids to guess which animal is in the egg and then the next page reveals the answer with additional information.  It’s great information you can read through if you’re doing it with older kids or easily skip over it if you’re with younger kids.

The animals I use in the eggs are from Safari Ltd TOOB sets. We have several of their sets and use them all the time for lessons and for the kids to play with on their own.  They are some of the kids most played with toys.  Here are some of the ones we own and used animals from in this activity, but there are many other sets as well! (Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon):

For additional reading about stories of animals being born from eggs we like these two books:


“The Runaway Egg” by Katy Hudson tells the story of a chick babysitting the egg containing his brother-to-be, but when he starts to break out his egg the chick has his work cut out for him trying to keep up with the runaway egg!  A sequel was recently released called “Runaway Baby Brother” and it is really cute!


“Shake a Leg, Egg!” by Kurt Cyrus shows a goose family waiting for the last egg to hatch. It shows every thing that is happening with spring and the family’s excitement to meet the last baby.  I think this could be a fun one for kids who are waiting for their own baby sibling to be born as well, since the story has such a sense of anticipation.


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