Bookish Gift Guide 2022

Bookish Gift Guide 2022

I love picking out gifts for people and trying to match something I think they’ll love to what I know about them. As a giant bookworm myself it is only natural that I make a bookish gift guide! I have personally tried out every item on this list and can give it my stamp of approval!

Bookish t-shirts from A Fine Quotation: A couple of my personal favorites include Home Librarian (also available as a pin), Kindred Spirits, and Lake-Town.

Literary retro travel posters: Such a fun touch to add to your personal library or any space in your house that could use a little bookish (or film) touch

“One More Chapter” decision coin: This clever coin helps you face the ultimate book lover’s dilemma: whether to read one more chapter or go to sleep. Fans of Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson should also check out their licensed replica coins!

Flexible book light: I mentioned on last year’s gift guide that I wanted to try this type of book light that goes around your neck. I have been using it for a year now and it has been my favorite book light! I use it almost every night and it is easy to use and doesn’t bother my husband (who is always asleep before me).

Grandpa Beck’s Games: Although not a book, I usually like to include a game on the gift list because I think there is a lot of overlap in people who love to read and people who love to play games. Grandpa Beck’s is one of my favorite game companies and I have done several book and game pairings with their games before (you can see a couple here and here). Cover Your Kingdom has a lot of bookish references and their new release this year was The Reign of Dragoness which has been a big hit with my 6 year old up through their grandparents. You can use the code BMMR15 to save 15% on any of the games on their website.

-Subscription boxes: A gift that keeps on giving! You can gift a monthly subscription for whichever length you want so your recipient can have a new box to open each month. Or you could buy a past box so you can make sure it’s something they’d really love. See this post for a full break down of which box might be the right fit and discount codes you can use.

-Make your own book box: This one takes more work, but would be a very fun and personalized gift to share a favorite book with someone you love. Last Christmas I gave my kids a box with this book and multiple wrapped packages to be opened on a specific page to find an object from the story. You can see some more details about it here.

-An audiobook subscription or audiobook code along with a quiet activity: My guide to different audiobook services can help you decide which one to go with and you could pair it with an activity like a jigsaw puzzle, an adult coloring book, a paint by number kit, or other type of craft or activity.

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