Princess in Black Birthday Party

Princess in Black Birthday Party

Books are a significant part of our family’s life and that is often reflected in our birthday celebrations as well! We’ve done several parties inspired by favorite books and the latest was my 4 year old daughter’s party based around the beloved Princess in Black series by Shannon Hale!

We love this highly illustrated early chapter book series (both as a read aloud and when my six year old reads it on his own now) and it’s very fitting of my daughter’s personality with a mix of dainty and fierce…and plenty of costume changes! The newest book in the series The Princess in Black and the Bathtime Battle was just released and Candlewick Press sent us a free copy to review along with some fun goodies to use at the party! Bathtime Battle is a really fun addition to the series with lots of exciting clandestine work and a chance for minor characters to shine!

We started the party with a themed meal inspired by objects and characters in the series.

The scepter my daughter is holding is just made with a black stick and a piece of foam cut into a flower shape to look like the one in the book. Each of the kids had one to use.

Then we did an obstacle course acting out the scenes of the first book. The kids were sitting at the table wearing ring pops that rang when the monster alarm went off.

They sneaked away into the closet where their black clothes and masks were hidden, changed clothes, slid down the chute, jumped over the castle wall…

Then rode off on their waiting horse to arrive at the goat pasture where the monsters were terrorizing the goats.

The monsters had to be fought off using their scepters and some catch phrases like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Smash!” until all the monsters were put back in the hole of Monsterland.

Afterward we played Pin the Horn on Frimplepants (downloaded from the book website) and Hide and Seek (which was played at Magnolia’s birthday party in Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party).

Then we ate the cake. The design was inspired by a couple castle cake pictures I saw on Pinterest combined with some design ideas from my daughter. I printed the character images from the book website, laminated them, and used the black bases from a board game to hold up the images.

Candlewick Press sent us temporary tattoos and face masks which we used as favors!

The party was a smashing success!

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  1. Did you write to candlewick press? Those favors are so fun!

    1. I’m sorry I missed this comment earlier! I have a regular communication with the publisher because they send me books to review and I asked them if they had anything extra available. Unfortunately I have not seen the temporary tattoos for sale anywhere that I can direct you.

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