Goldilocks and the Three Bears Birthday Party

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Birthday Party

One of my kids all-time favorite stories is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s second only to The Three Little Pigs, but we’ve already had a birthday party based around that story so when my daughter turned 3 we celebrated with a party based around this story and she was completely thrilled! Her birthday fell on one of the days I teach preschool out of my home, so I incorporated some of the party into the preschool lesson that day so she could celebrate with her friends. We repeated the party that night with our family (with a few more things added in) and it made for a very fun and exciting day for her!

We started off with a story time of my daughter’s favorite versions of the story.

Over the years we have read SO many different versions. I previously compiled a list of our favorite versions which I showed to my daughter and asked which two were her favorite. She chose Papa Bear’s Page Fright and Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty.

We acted out the story using face masks.

Using these printable masks that we colored and laminated, the kids had a blast reenacting the story.

This chair is too hard!
This bed is just right!

We played games inspired by the story

Musical Chairs with different pictures of different kinds of chairs. When the music stopped I drew a card that corresponded to one of their chairs and that person got a teddy gram. Inspired by this post.
Find Goldilocks and the Three Bears– I hid silhouettes of the three characters around the room for them to find.

We ate food inspired by the story.

When we celebrated as a family in the evening we had a pancake dinner with bear pancakes!
Bear cupcakes!

At the end we handed out a simple party favor.

Teddy Grams to represent the bears with a theme fitting note!

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