Profound Christmas Picture Books

I love finding great picture books to read with my kids to help the holiday come alive, and the Christmas books are my favorite ones!  They are also some of the only holiday books I actually purchase.  Most holiday books I check out from the library, but over the years I’ve been building up a collection of Christmas books that we love pulling out each year.  Of course that doesn’t stop me from also checking out a bunch of Christmas stories from the library.  If you’re hoping to check some out this season, now is the time to start placing holds, because the requests build up fast this time of year!

There are so many wonderful Christmas books out there and I cut down our list quite a bit, but there’s still a lot left so I separated the list into a couple several posts.  This one includes the more serious, profound stories.  Most of the books have longer text and are not well suited for the youngest readers.


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Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect by Richard Schneider

This is a moving story of a small tree that wants to keep perfect shape so it can be chosen as the Queen’s tree, but as it provides kindness and shelter to animals it becomes a new kind of perfect.



The Legend of St. Nicholas by Dandi Daley Mackall

A modern day boy is struggling with being excited about giving rather than receiving gifts when he hears the legend of how St. Nicholas first began and went on to become the origin for Santa Clause.  It is a sweet imagining of how the legend may have begun.



God Bless Us, Every One!: The Story Behind A Christmas Carol narrated by John Rhys-Davis, illustrated by Brandon Dorman

The inspiration for one of the most famous Christmas stories of all time is revealed in this beautifully illustrated book.  I found it so interesting to read all these details.  The book also comes with a DVD so you can watch the story being narrated, acted out, and accompanied with music.



A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree by Colleen Monroe

This is such a sweet story of a tree who has always dreamed of being someone’s Christmas tree, but is overlooked every year.  The animals in the forest want to show the tree how much they appreciate all it has done for them and they come up with a thoughtful plan.



Christmas from Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber narrated by Tom Brokaw and illustrated by Robert Barrett

The true story of a young American pilot who brought hope to war torn Berlin by dropping candy to the children from small parachutes.  A DVD is also included of a live narration and musical accompaniment.



Winter’s Gift by Jane Monroe Donovan

An elderly man is struggling to feel hope and happiness in his first Christmas after his wife passes away when a mare stumbles through the snow to his home and brings new hope in a surprising way.



A Cowboy Christmas by Audrey Wood

This is a story my dad shared with us growing up because he has always loved cowboy stories.  It is a great ode to the cowboy spirit and resilience with a Christmas miracle included.


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