Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you are a book lover or have book lovers in your life, you may have experienced the same problem as me where people want to give gifts, but are too nervous to buy you books because they’re afraid you already own it or have previously read it.  My solution for family members that have this problem is usually sharing a wish list of books I’m interested in.  But another great option is buying book inspired or related merchandise!  Throughout the years people have given me some pretty creative gifts (or let’s be honest– sometimes I’ve given them to myself with gift money 😉 ) and I thought I’d compile a list of ideas to share with others!

Disclaimer:  The Amazon links are affiliate links.  This means if you buy something through the link I receive a small commission with no additional cost to you.



Litographs products

This is the first bookish merchandise I really paid attention to and purchased.  They make t-shirts, posters, totes, scarves, pillows, and blankets with the actual text of specific books typed on to it.  I own the Les Misérables scarf and an Anne of Green Gables poster and I have a million other products of theirs on my wish list!  They have a broad range of book titles available including many classics and a fair amount of modern titles as well.



Personal Library Kit

My sister-in-law gave this set to me as a gift a couple years ago because she knows how many books I lend out.  I thought it was such a fun and creative gift!  I ended up using it a little differently than it is intended, but it’s had a lot of use!  I wasn’t sure about putting stickered pockets inside my books and assigning due dates, but I have used the cards as décor for several things–including a book themed baby shower.  And I have used the date stamp a lot–including stamping pretend passports for my Read Around the World Lessons.



Ex Libris Customized book stamp

A friend gave me for this for my birthday this year and it’s a beautiful way to personalize your books.  The rubber stamp is high quality and looks much more classy than a sticker or handwriting inside a book.



Sweet Sequels literary art products

This shop has so many options for book art on various mediums.  There are prints, mugs, shirts, blankets, pillows, tapestries, and more!  I own a Lord of the Rings print and have SO many other products on my wish list.



Lucy in the Sky literary art products

This shop also has a wide variety of bookish art in the form of prints, mugs, cards, and totes.  I have the custom literary sign with locations of some of my favorite books as well as the bibliophile print.  I have a long list of her prints that I love as well!




Sock Smith Jane Austen socks

I received these socks as part of book swap and I love the design, color, and quote on them!  Perfect for Austen lovers!




Bibliophile ceramic vases by Jane Mount

I haven’t seen these in person before, but I’m seen them around online and I think they are such a pretty and fun way to bring some bookish touches to your house.  Whether to hold flowers, kitchen supplies, office supplies or something else I think they are pretty neat!




Out of Print brand items

They have lots of book inspired socks, clothes, bags, mugs, and more!  I don’t own any of their products yet, but I think they have so many fun options!



3 Tier Book Cart

Despite not originally being intended for books, these little rolling carts have taken the bookstagram world by storm.  Many people use them as TBR carts to keep track of books they want to get to soon, some use them for keeping track of library books, some use them for decor.  I use mine to keep organized with the books I need to photograph, review, use for preschool lessons, and to keep the library books for me to use soon.  Most people I know have bought them from Target or Michaels.



Character Mugs from A Fine Quotation

This is a brand new Etsy shop and I love her mugs with watercolor prints of beloved characters.  The quote and internal coloring making such nice touches and she has a great range of characters to choose from.


I’d Rather Be Reading book by Anne Bogel

This book is like a love letter to bookworms everywhere!  It contains short essays about readers, books, and the joys and dilemmas they face.  And as a bonus, it is a cute little book with a beautiful cover.



Book-to-Table Classics by Puffin Plated

If you know a book lover who also loves to cook these are the perfect gift!  The books include the full text of the classic novels as well as several recipes by well known chefs and beautiful food photography and food artwork interspersed throughout.  I received the Christmas Carol one free from the publisher and I loved poring over the creative images.  The Pride and Prejudice one looks gorgeous as well!  These are newly released and the only ones available right now, but I think there are more coming and I really look forward to seeing what else they come up with!



Collectible versions of books

If you’re buying presents for a book collector, or just someone who would love to own some beautiful editions of classics on their shelves, there are a lot of options out there!  Below are just a couple lines of collectible books I’ve paid attention to:


Harper Design Classics: These books all contain really neat interactive elements- fold out maps, pop ups, cut paper designs, etc.



Word Cloud Classics from Canterbury Classics

These classics have soft covers with the words and phrases from the book imprinted on the cover.  There’s a wide range of titles and they are reasonably priced.


Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics

This is the book collection I definitely own the most of.  My husband was happy when we discovered the line because it has provided easy gift ideas for him since he knows I’ll always be happy with one of these and there are a lot to choose from.  The books have such beautiful spines and covers!


Also if you’re willing to spend more money, check out Folio Society Books for beautiful, high quality collectible classics.

What other gift ideas do you have for book lovers?  I’m always looking for new ideas!


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