I is for Instrument Lesson

I is for Instrument Lesson

This lesson is part of a series of home preschool lessons I do for 2 and 3 year olds.  Click to see How I Do Letter of the Week Lessons and the Preschool learning supplies I use.

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At the beginning of the lessons I usually show the clip from the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD for the featured letter and we practice singing the letter sound.  Then I introduce the topic for the day and we do a letter craft based around it.



Books We Read:


Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! by Lloyd Moss

Very informative but in an entertaining way!



Play This Book by Jessica Young

Interactive book that lets kids pretend to play a variety of instruments.



This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt

It follows the tune of “This Old Man” and is fun to sing the book.



Mole Music by David McPhail

A sweet story about the power of music



Activities We Did:


-Before gluing the instruments onto the I for our letter craft I had the kids match the instruments to their shadows.



Listened to the sounds various instruments make and then colored that instrument on the coloring sheet



Instrument Roll and Graph activity


-Used my laminated instrument cut outs as we sang these songs:

                -(To the tune of “Mulberry Bush”)

This is the way we play the ______, play the __________, play the _________.

This is the way we play the  ______ in the orchestra.


                -(To the tune of “Row Row Row Your Boat”)

____  _____ _____ the ______

____ it loud and clear

to tell the children everywhere that music time is here.

-Played with play dough with an I cookie cutter and encouraging them to make their own instruments

Snack We Ate:



Pretzel sticks that the kids laid out in I formations before eating



We always end our lesson with reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and adding the letter to our coconut tree.




I normally do two different lessons in the week (each on the same letter and a different topic), but for time’s sake will only be typing up details here on one of the topics.  Below is a picture of some the books and activities I did for my I is for Insect lesson.  If you would like any additional information or ideas about it, don’t hesitate to ask:


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