H is for Hat Lesson

H is for Hat Lesson


This lesson is part of a series of home preschool lessons I do for 2 and 3 year olds.  Click to see How I Do Letter of the Week Lessons and the Preschool learning supplies I use.

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At the beginning of the lessons I usually show the clip from the Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD for the featured letter and we practice singing the letter sound.  Then I introduce the topic for the day and we do a letter craft based around it.



Books We Read:


Whose Hat is This? by Sharon Katz Cooper

This one is great for introducing kids to the different types of hats people wear for different jobs.



Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won

My kids love this story about a group of friends cheering each other up through sharing hats.



Blue Hat, Green Hat by Sandra Boynton

This silly board book is always a big hit among toddlers/young preschoolers.  It’s great that it teaches colors as well because some of the kids in my preschool are still working on those.



The Hat by Jan Brett

With Jan Brett’s iconic illustrations, this is a fun story of a hedgehog that gets a sock stuck on his head and ends up starting a new trend.



Activities We Did:


H is for Hat do a dot coloring sheet


Hat matching puzzles


-The kids chose a community worker hat to color and then wear.  This was definitely a popular part of the lesson!



-I hid letter magnets under different types of hats.  The kids lifted up the hats trying to find the letter H.



-Extension activity for The Hat where the kids got to act out the story of all the animals taking different items of clothes off the clothesline.  Inspired by this post.



-Made hats out of playdough to put on laminated face mats



Snack We Ate:


We made H’s out of pretzels and then ate them.  I have also made hat shaped jello jigglers before using my hat cookie cutter.


I normally do two different lessons in the week (each on the same letter and a different topic), but for time’s sake will only be typing up details here on one of the topics.  Below is a picture of some the books and activities I did for my H is for Halloween lesson.  If you would like any additional information or ideas about it, don’t hesitate to ask:

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