Fun Books that Teach American Geography



Books that can teach while also being entertaining are golden!  I love finding books that I can incorporate into my preschool lessons or to create learning opportunities with my everyday reading with my kids.  At the end of this post you can see a fun activity my son created on his own after reading these books!


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Austen Lost in America by Jef Czekaj

A dog is searching for a home and sets off across the country with stops in all states to see if they are a good fit for him.  Through this storytelling kids learn lots of interesting facts about each state.




Wow! America! by Robert Neubecker

The book shows two girls running across the map while it points out great things in different regions of the country.  With only about one line per page, it’s a book that can appeal to a wide range of ages.




The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller

In this creative book each state is humanized.  Kansas is tired of being stuck in the middle of the country and creates a get together for all the states where they decide to switch places.  Being in different situations in different spots in the country makes them start to miss their homes.  There are tons of fun details and dialogue on the page that kids could pore over.  You learn a lot about the different states while reading a fun story.




The Scrambled States of America Talent Show by Laurie Keller

In this fun sequel, the states decide to put on a talent show together!




Lady Liberty’s Holiday by Jen Arena

The Statue of Liberty is getting tired of standing in the same place and needs a vacation!  She explores different parts of the country which allows readers to explore along with her.




Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

This one teaches beyond only American geography but it is the best book I’ve seen for teaching maps to young children.  It takes a complex idea and breaks it down in a way children can understand.  I love using this book to teach!





It makes me so happy when reading books inspires my kids to create their own imaginative play or learning activities.  After we read these books my son wanted to get his magnetic America puzzle down and act out the stories for himself.  He laid the books out and then acted out the story of Scrambled States of America moving the magnetic states around to different locations just like the book.



There is also a DVD of  The Scrambled States of America which my son really enjoyed:





And I just noticed that there has been a board game released that is based on the book as well!  It looks like fun!





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