Shark Picture Books

I wouldn’t call myself a shark lover, but all of these cute books sure make me want to be one!  I had a lot of fun reading each of these with my kids and they really enjoyed them as well.  If there is a little shark lover in your life, don’t miss out on these books!


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Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley

A shark obsessed boy is heartbroken when a different kid in his class gets assigned sharks for the class project instead.  It’s a great story of expanding your interests and being open to new friendships.  If you’ve ever had a kid who is obsessed with something you’ll probably see a lot you recognize in this story!



Land Shark by Beth Ferry

This cute book is about a boy who desperately wants a pet shark for his birthday and is sorely disappointed when he gets a puppy instead.  He is sure shark lovers can never become dog lovers, but he finds some surprising things to love about his dog.  I loved the humor and all the fun details in the story.



Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugene Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating

This picture book biography tells the story of a girl who loved sharks and sought to learn everything she could about them over the years, despite opposition and doubt from others.  She sought to change people’s perception of sharks as mindless killers through her research. I loved the thirst for knowledge and passion she showed.  After reading the book my 4 year old son asked my husband if he thought sharks were mean and then set the record straight for his dad.



Shark Nate-O by Tara Luebbe

Nate is a boy who loves sharks and wants to be one, but he doesn’t actually know how to swim.  He decides he needs to take the plunge.  This one would be especially good for a shark lover or a child learning to swim.



Nugget and Fang by Tammi Sauer

A shark and a fish are great friends until the fish goes to school and learns that he’s supposed to be scared of sharks.  The shark goes to great lengths to try to gain his fish friend’s trust.  It’s a cute and fun story of friendship and not judging on stereotypes.



The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist

My kids love the story of the Three Little Pigs so they were really excited to discover this book with a new setting, new animals, and new building materials, but the same familiar story!  This one gets checked out a lot at our house.





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