Rainbow Fish Story Time Play Group


This story time was a part of a monthly story time play group I organized for kids ages 2-4 years old.  You can read more about how I did those and see the other themes we followed here: Story Time Play Groups


I have also used these activities when doing a F is for Fish preschool lesson.




For the story time I read The Rainbow Fish while the kids acted out the story using these free printable face masks of the characters from the story.



The kid that was playing the role of the Rainbow Fish had little pieces of foil taped to his shirt to serve as the shiny scales.


The other kids used the rest of the masks and moved around as the story dictated.  When it got to the part where the Rainbow Fish shares his scales with the other fish the Rainbow Fish kid took a piece of foil off his shirt and stuck it on to each of the other kid’s shirt so all his scales were spread around.


After the story time my friend led the kids in a craft to make their own paper rainbow fish.  She used muffin liners to make the scales.  Here is a similar one that I did at a different time using tissue paper:

Rainbow Fish Craft, FREE Printable! Perfect for summer activity or warm spring day!

(Click the picture to visit the site it came from and to print the template out)


For our lunch we ate a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and fish sticks (Rainbow…Fish 😉 ).  I thought that was a clever idea from my friend!


If you do this activity with a little bit older kids they may be interested in reading one of  the many  sequels as well:



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