Story Time Play Groups


For the last couple of years I have been in charge of planning a monthly story time play group with my kids and their friends.  The kids who attended were all about 2 to 4 years old.  Each time we had a theme (usually corresponding to the upcoming holiday or season) that everything was based around.  The area where I lived had a lot of other stay at home moms that I did these with.  So we did it in the mornings as a play group.  But the ideas could easily be adapted to other situations.


Here is the basic format of how I did it for the first couple years:

-We rotated the location each month between the homes of the moms who enjoyed hosting it.

-I always chose and read the books.  I usually did two books since that seemed like the right amount for their attention span.

-My friend was in charge of planning a craft or activity for the kids to do after reading the books that fit in with the theme.

-All of the moms contributed food to a lunch we had planned to fit into the theme.  We started out with it being just a snack, but people preferred having a potluck lunch instead.

-I sent out the date, food items to sign up for, and reminders.


The area where I lived in for the first couple years of doing these there were plenty of moms interested in the activities and they were all happy to contribute.  But it could also be done with everything at the same location each time with one person in charge of the books and activities and then dividing up some of the food assignments.  I did that for a little while in the area I now live in.

These story times were so much for us and my kids really looked forward to them each time.  My son still asks to do them whenever a holiday is approaching.

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